Participate in a Main Street Parade at Disneyland!

Perform at Disneyland and California Adventure

Perform at Universal Studios

Perform at Knott's Berry Farm

Perform on Hollywood Blvd

Shopping Mall performances

Performing Arts High School visits

Dance/Drama/Band/Choir Workshops with Disney Professionals as part of Disney Performing Arts including Academy Dance, Dance Master classes, Show Choir and Musical Theatre Workshops.

Dance Workshops at The Edge Performing Arts Centre Hollywood one of the finest professional training facilities for commercial dance. They offer classes in Ballet, Tap , Jazz, Modern Fusion, Contemporary, Theatre Dance, Salsa, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Turns

Dance Workshops at Millennium Dance Complex Hollywood widely referred to as "the place where it happens". They offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz , Jazz Funk, Breakin, Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz and Hip Hop

Workshops at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Abby Lee Dance Centre

Drama Workshops at Stella Adler Acting Academy Hollywood

Showcase Performances at California Adventure



Anaheim Nights

Anaheim - 8 nights

Our MOST popular tour program!Dance in a Disneyland Parade, lots of performance opportunities and workshops! Add Vegas to your LA or Anaheim Tour. Include backstage tours of the famous Vegas Cirque shows, the Grand Canyon and more!

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Anaheim Nights with New York

Anaheim 9 nights with New York 6 nights extension

Combination of the best performance and workshops opportunities the USA has to offer!

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Anaheim and Hollywood

Anaheim & Hollywood - 9 nights

Dazzle in the Hollywood lights and some of the best Professional Dance Studio workshops together with Performances

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Anaheim and Hollywood Nights

Anaheim & Hollywood - 10 nights

A very popular tour lots of performances, workshops and time to enjoy!

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Anaheim and Maxico

Hollywood, Anaheim & Mexican Riveria Cruise - 16 nights

Dance on the world stage in Hollywood, Disney and become part of the onboard entertainment as you cruise to Mexico!

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Anaheim, New York Option - 14 nights

World class performances, workshops at some amazing Studios and immerse yourself in the Big Apple!

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